Commerzbank Tower, the tallest building in Germany

You are probably wondering ‘What is the tallest building in Germany?‘ The quick answer is the Commerzbank Tower, but if you want to know more about it, I invite you to continue reading this post, and then you can read the top 10 tallest buildings is Germany.

Commerzbank Tower is a 56-storey, 259 m (850 ft) tall office skyscraper in the financial district of Frankfurt, Germany, owned by Samsung of Korea since September 2016. Its construction began in 1994 and finished in 1997. It had been the tallest building in Europe from its completion in 1997 until 2003 when it was surpassed by the Triumph-Palace in Moscow, Russia.

The Commerzbank Tower is currently the tallest building in Germany since 1997. Actually there is an proposed building that is estimated to be 369 m (1,211 ft) tall, however there is not date of completion, that’s why Commerzbank Tower will be the tallest building for a few more years.

The tallest buildings in Germany are concentrated in the city of Frankfurt, Hesse, due to its economic profile as an international financial center. In this city we can find other high-rise skyscrapers such as the MesseTurm, Main Tower, Seat of the European Central Bank and of course the Commerzbank Tower.


Commerzbank Tower was designed by Foster & Partners, with Arup and Krebs & Kiefer (structural engineering), J. Roger Preston with P&A Petterson Ahrens (mechanical engineering), Schad & Hölzel (electrical engineering). Foster & Partners is a British architects firm that have designed other high-rise buildings around the world such as the Al Faisaliah Center (in Saudi Arabia), Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid (in United Arab Emirates) and the Comcast Technology Center (in United States), among others.

Incluiding the antenna spire, the Commerzbank Tower has a total height of 300.1 m (985 ft), but its architectural height is of 259 m (850 ft). The tower is only two metres taller than the Messeturm, a 256.5 m ( 842 ft) tall skyscraper which is also located in Frankfurt. Before Commerzbank’s built, The Messeturm had been the tallest building in Germany.

The building provides 121,000 m2 (1,300,000 sq ft) of office space for the Commerzbank headquarters, including winter gardens and natural lighting and air circulation. The building is lighted at night with a yellow lighting scheme that was designed by Thomas Ende who was allowed to display this sequence as a result of a competition.