Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Indonesia

Majority of tall buildings in Indonesia are located in Jakarta, in fact in this city are located the 10 tallest buildings or skyscrapers of this country. There are 88 Highrise building (150m+) have been built in Jakarta and 26 more still under construction and besides that there are 4 supertall building (300m+) under construction. Indonesia is ranked number 11th in the World by the number of 150m+ completed building and 9th in Asia.

The tallest building in Indonesia is Gama Tower (289 m) since 2015, and the tallest building under construction is Thamrin Nine Tower 1 (333.5 m) and it’s estimated to be completed in 2020.

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Before staring, we want to let you know two points.

1. This list have been updated on April 20th, 2020, keep on mind that only those skyscrapers completed until this date have been taken into account, if a new building were completed and it’s among the top 10 tallest buildings in Indonesia, the list will be updated as soon as possible.

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Skyscrapers in Indonesia: Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Indonesia

1. Gama Tower285.5 m (937 ft)
2. Treasury Tower279.5 m (917 ft)
3. Wisma 46261.9 m (859 ft)
4. Menara Astra261.5 m (858 ft)
5. Sahid Sudirman Center258 m (846 ft)
6. Millennium Centennial Center254 m (833 ft)
7. Raffles Hotel253.3 m (831 ft)
8. The Pakubuwono Signature252 m (827 ft)
9. Sinarmas MSIG Tower245 m (804 ft)
10. World Capital Tower244.3 m (802 ft)

10. World Capital Tower

Height: 244.3 m (802 ft)
Floors: 51
Building Function: Office
Firm: Aedas
City: Jakarta
Construction Start: 2014
Completed: 2019

World Capital Tower is an office skyscraper, it’s one of the newest skyscrapers in this list, construction began in 2014 and was completed in 2019. At 244.3 m (802 ft) tall, it’s the 10th tallest building in Indonesia.

9. Sinarmas MSIG Tower

Height: 245 m (804 ft)
Floors: 48
Building Function: Office
Firm: without information
City: Jakarta
Construction Start: 2012
Completed: 2015

Sinarmas MSIG Tower is an 48-storey, 245 m (804 ft) tall skyscraper, the building serves as the headquarters of Indonesian insurance company Sinarmas MSIG. It was built using modern and environmentally friendly principles and materials such as Low E Glass, a double glass system that can reduce heat and sound leakage, as the embodiment of a building with energy efficiency.

8. The Pakubuwono Signature

Height: 252 m (827 ft)
Floors: 50
Building Function: Residential
Firm: Davy Sukamta & Partners Structural Engineers
City: Jakarta
Construction Start: 2011
Completed: 2014

The Pakubuwono is a residential complex of 11 skyscrapers at Kebayoran Baru in South Jakarta, Indonesia. The Pakubuwono Signature is the tallest among the skyscrapers of the complex, which is also currently the tallest residential building in Indonesia. The tower is 252 meters tall with 50 floors above the ground.

7. Raffles Hotel

Height: 253.3 m (831 ft)
Floors: 52
Building Functions: Residential, Hotel
Firm: RTKL
City: Jakarta
Construction Start: 2009
Completed: 2015

Raffles Hotel is an mixed-use skyscraper in South Jakarta. The tower is 253.3 meters tall (a little bit taller than the previous one). Raffles Tower is within the Ciputra World Jakarta 1 complex, which consists in 3 buildings: DBS Bank Tower (194 m), Ciputra World Residential Tower (206.9 m) and Raffles Hotel (253.3), the tallest inside the complex and the 7th tallest building in Indonesia.

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6. Millennium Centennial Center

Height: 254 m (833 ft)
Floors: 53
Building Function: Office
Firm: Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Assc. Inc.
City: Jakarta
Construction Start: 2016
Completed: 2019

Millennium Centennial Center is the newest skyscraper built in Indonesia, its construction began in 2016 and it was completed in 2019. This tower is an 53-storey, 254 m (833 ft) tall office skyscraper in Jakarta. It is owned by PT. Permata Birama Sakti, and was designed by Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Steward & Assc. Inc.

5. Sahid Sudirman Center

Height: 258 m (846 ft)
Floors: 59
Building Function: Office
Firm: Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart
City: Jakarta
Construction Start: 2012
Completed: 2015

Sahid Sudirman Center is an 59-storey, 258 m (846 ft) tall skyscraper at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman in Central Jakarta. The skyscraper is part of a 5.5 hectares mixed development project of 9 high rise buildings of office, hotel, hospital and apartment towers.

4. Menara Astra

Height: 261.5 m (858 ft)
Floors: 47
Building Function: Office
City: Jakarta
Construction Start: 2013
Completed: 2017

Menara Astra is an 47-storey, 261.5 m (858 ft) tall office skyscraper at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman kav. 5-6 in Jakarta. The tower has an private helipad on the top. The podium of the tower has retail and food court area; and a conference hall with capacity of 1000 people.

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3. Wisma 46

Height: 261.9 m (859 ft)
Floors: 46
Building Function: Office
Firms: Zeidler Partnership Architects; DP Architects Private Ltd
City: Jakarta
Construction Start: without information
Completed: 1996

Wisma 46 is an 46-storey, 261.9 m (859 ft) tall office skyscraper. This tower is the oldest in this list, it was completed in 1996 and was the tallest building in Indonesia since its inauguration until 2015 (19 years). Currently it’s the third tallest building in Indonesia.

2. Treasury Tower

Height: 279.5 m (917 ft)
Floors: 57
Building Function: Office
Firm: Wiratman
City: Jakarta
Construction Start: 2013
Completed: 2018

Treasury Tower is an 57-storey, 279.5 m (917 ft) tall office skyscraper at District 8 complex at Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) in South Jakarta. It’s currently the 2nd tallest building in Indonesia. This is a commercial office tower at District 8 Jakarta complex. District 8 is a mixed complex of 10 towers, of which 3 office towers including Treasury Tower, one hotel & 6 residential/apartment towers.

1. Gama Tower

Height: 285.5 m (937 ft)
Floors: 64
Building Functions: Hotel, Offices
Firm: PT. Sekawan DesignInc Arsitek
City: Jakarta
Construction Start: 2011
Completed: 2016

Gama Tower (formerly known as Rasuna Tower and Cemindo Tower) is a skyscraper located at Jalan H R Rasuna Said, South Jakarta. As of 2016, it is the tallest building in Jakarta, as well as Indonesia. It is 285.5 meters (937 feet) tall and its main use is houses an hotel and it’s also an a luxury office tower.

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